UQUIZ = SaaS for the EdTech companies

Add more intelligence to your e-learning platform. The unique selling point of UQUIZ is to turn any reading / listening / viewing into a learning experience. UQUIZ transforms a passive reading with a low retention rate into an active reading, where automatically the key concepts are highlighted, the main entities are linked, the questions to grade the student are generated, and the abstract to refresh the student’s mind is sent at incremental intervals.

UQUIZ = neurosciences applied

In order to memorize properly what you've just read, the neurosciences teach us that you should:

  • first pay attention with an active reading,
  • then understand, by connecting the dot between concepts within your own knowledge graph,
  • then learn, by being challenged on what you’ve just read with a set of questions,
  • lastly memorize, by refreshing repeatedly your neural connections with summary & questions.

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UQUIZ = State of the art NLP

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence, focusing on understanding language and generating text. As any educational materials could be converted to text, neuronys has trained 3 new NLP models for UQUIZ to reinvent the learning experience:

  • Keyword Detection model used by the /spot endpoint to find the potential answers for the questions to be generated
  • a Question Generation model used by the /ask endpoint to generate in plain & proper English a question from a spotted answer
  • an Abstractive Summarization model used by the /sumup endpoint to shorten and reformulate the given document